You can add social media buttons by going to individual social media sites and submitting your website URL in return you would get a html code which you need to past on your website pages. The problem with this method is

1> You need to visit atleast 5-8 social media sites like flacebook, twitter, linkedin etc in order to get the buttons

2> When you past the html code on your website, it sticks to one position and when you scroll the page the page up/down the sharing buttons go out of the view of visitors. Therefore even if the visitor want to share your website, he cannot. He would need to scroll back up to see your share buttons, this reduces the chances of your website being shared.

3> When you add the html button, each button is of different size and arranging them requires a lot of html skill.

So what is the solution?

You can get you social media sharing bar in just one click, this sharing bar consist of all major social sharing button like that of facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

The best part is that it is a floating bar which means this social media bar remains always on the screen of the user even if the page is scrolled up or down, this greatly increases the chances of your page being shared.

You also don’t need any coding skills to arrange the buttons, you just need to copy and past

And guess what … its free try now

July 15th, 2012linkedin share button

if you are looking to install the linkedin share button use our all in 1 social media tool and get the share button in just 1 click!

If you want to promote your website, blog or products linkedin share button is must for you. If you dont use this button you just cant imagine how much revenue you are losing

More the number of Linkedin shares you get the more is your revenue. Linkedin share button is much more powerful than your very on Facebook share button

Reasons for the immense power of linkedin share button:

  • The average views that every linkedin share attracts is 1.5 which is more than the rest of the social share buttons
  • Although the userbase is less as compared to facebook the userbase of linkedin have higher purchasing power, at the end of the day it only matters how many people bought your product
  • All the fortune 500 companies and their employees have their presence on linkedin, it just does not consist only of teenage girls and guys, majority are earning people.
  • The userbase of linkedin is growing faster.

So if you are looking to install the linkedin share button use our all in 1 social media tool and get the share button in just 1 click!

  • The power of stumbleUpon unbelievable !!


  • Companies that use Twitter average 2x more leads than those who don’t.(source hubspot)
  • 36% of daily internet users read 5 to 10 blog posts per day.
  • 88% of sharing to Hyves comes from people living in The Netherlands.
  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t.
  • 89% of US internet users search online before they make a purchase 
  • 75% of users never go further than the first page of search results.
  • US Internet users spend 3X more time on blogs and social networks than on email.
  • 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend the brands that they follow.
  • Email is the preferred way to share in paradise, especially the Cayman Islands.
  • Businesses with more than 40 landing pages get 12X more leads than those with only a few landing pages
  • Countries in the Horn of Africa share to Facebook 20% more than the rest of the World.
  • 74% of smartphone users have made a purchase from their smartphone
  • Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get 6X more traffic on their websites than those with fewer Twitter followers.
  • More than 1/2 of active Twitter users follow companies, brands, or products on social networks.
  • Did you know that 93% of US adult internet users are on Facebook.
  • Excelsior is the leading website in Mexico with social referrals.
  • Uruguay leads all South American nations with 109% viral lift.
  • 52% of 55-64 year old internet users have joined a social network
  • Sierra Leone leads all African nations with 159% viral lift.
  • The Telegraph India has the highest viral lift in India.
  • is the most social site in Turkey during the month of April.
  • Twitter makes up 52% of sharing in Japan.
  • Twitter is 6 times more popular than Facebook for
  • VKontakte is the most popular social platform in Russia.
  • The French print twice as much as the rest of the World.
  • Social activity is 7% higher on Google Chrome versus Firefox.
  • The Middle East shares to Facebook 33% more often than the rest of the world.
  • Singaporeans love their news, over 50% of sharing in Singapore is news
  • Content shared from Canada has a 30% higher viral lift.
  • Sharing in Syria was up 20% in the first quarter of 2012.
  • South Korea is the most socially mobile country.
  • Sharing was up worldwide 6% quarter over quarter in Q1 of 2012
  • Content is shared to Pinterest (11%) via mobile devices more than Facebook (7%) and Twitter (9%)
The last fact : All in 1 Social media tool used by thousands of website to add floating share buttons - try it.

Till around 2010 long tail keywords were like hidden gems (or are they even today? read on to find out ) with very low competitions and decent search volume but today google has changed its algorithm quite a bit now even with decent relevant content you cannot be sure to rank even in top 3 even if you have a long tail keyword domain. Matt Cutts has talked about it here.

I did some experiments with many of the long tail keyword domain sites I have to check how exactly this change effects.  For example In this social media tool has a domain “floating social media button” which is a long tail keyword domain. I added this keyword in the title, in the description( 2 times ) and added related keywords on the page. What is all this I am doing? its called “keyword stuffing” adding all keyword  related keywords with a hope to rank well on them. My website rank dropped and I was even out of the 1st page of Google.

Then I changed the whole structure, removed the excessive keywords and more importantly I removed the long tail domain keyword from many places. In the next update the rank of my website improved and got back to my position on the 1st page.

The verdict:

If you have a long tail keyword domain, it is definitively a gem even today and Google with not penalize your website for having a long tail domain. What Google penalizes it “keyword stuffing”  and overuse of the keyword in the domain. You have a good long tail keyword domain great! but dont shout and tell google that you have it but repeating it everywhere on your website it would most definitively hurt your ranking.

Dont forget to use out all in 1 social media tool it works in getting more traffic from social media websites.

Why have you developed a website or blog? 99% of the time your answer is money, selling some stuff or getting your voice out in the market. From 2000 till around 2010 search engines were the only source of  excellent results or content, Google became big and you got what you what in less than a second. Now what was next? search engine did their job and are still doing well, but what if your friend likes a book on facebook (most friends generally have similar interests) you would most likely check it even though this book ranks nowhere on any search engine – This is the simple story of $100billion Facebook and other social media websites.

Social media websites can make your content/product popular without competing with any of the top ranking websites in your domain. In other words social media strategy is somewhat like blue ocean theory that basically kills any competition. No wonder the social media ad spending is speculated to jump to $9.8 billon.

These floating social media buttons helps to gain you that edge, try our tool to increase your social presence and kill your competition

May 13th, 2012social media bar

Floating share bar which floats on the left  (like the one on the left) or right and which remains at the same position when the screen is scrolled up or down, tremendously increase the chances of your webpage being liked.  Social media bar that floats has a huge advantage over static share buttons the simple reason is that floating social media bar which is created using the tool remains constantly in the eye of the visitor and as soon as the visitor likes something on your webpage he can easily share the website.

Twitter and Facebook have become the most important medium to share everything. When it comes to your website/content or any product the more facebook likes you get the more free publicity you get, now the questions comes down to – how to increase retweets or facebook likes? The most simplest answer is to create or write something interesting, something that people want to share. But there is 1 more point to be kept in mind you share buttons should be floating like on the left, these floating social media buttons should always remain on the screen even when anyone scrolls up/down. This tremendously helps in increasing the number of facebook share. You can get Twitter and Facebook share button here

May 12th, 2012floating button html

Share buttons that float on the screen remain constantly in the vision of the visitor (like on the left), if you scroll up/down the floating social media buttons will remain on the screen, this particular feature increases the number of shares on social media websites and thereby increases website traffic with little effort. You can get floating button html from in 1 click

April 28th, 2012social media share buttons

social media share buttons should always be visible to the visitors, this is a very important fact which most of the website designers miss out. Adding the usual social media buttons are static, for eg. the facebook like button or the twitter share buttons and when the page is scrolled up/down the share button moves out of the vision of the visitor and hence even if a visitor likes your post or website he would be unable to hit the like button. So what is the solution? Make the share buttons floating on the screen so that the social media share buttons are always on the screen, you can create floating social media buttons using

Social media buttons like the facebook button, twitter share button, digg button etc are extremely important you can get all the social media buttons using These button increase user engagement, this increase in user engagement is closely monitored by Google and increase in user engagement in form of facebook likes, tweets etc. helps increasing website rank on google.

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